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A Young Man with a Notebook

About Us

"Well Noted" Notebooks are handmade and crafted with only the best material:
wood-free paper, eco-ink, and a lot of love...

Imad Chahrour, CEO of “Well Noted” that was founded in 2021 with the objective of making goals and dreams easier to achieve by well noting them.

Notebook and Pen

Our Vision

Well Noted aims to bring you Quality, Style & Appeal

"Reading books and taking notes made me think better, organize my thoughts, and let me achieve a goal. I believe that reading and writing are very successful tools to achieve dreams and success. After my experience, I’ve decided to provide the tool to let people organize their thoughts, think better, and achieve more."

- Imad

A Woman Writing by the Window

Our Mission

“We Become What We Think About”, So let’s write it down…
And here you go, take a notebook and write what you think about…

We provide people with all the necessary tools to organize their thoughts.

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